Lake Neusiedl

Austrian National Tourist Office / Volker Preusser
Burgenland, Neusiedl


In Burgenland you will find great bike routes, fantastic wine, and stunning landscapes. Whether spending time in a spa during the winter months or biking around and swimming in Lake Neusiedl during the summer, this easternmost Austrian province offers great experiences.

Leuchtturm beim Neusiedler See

Things to do in Burgenland

Leuchtturm beim Neusiedler See

Martin Reiter

Often overshadowed by better known destinations, Burgenland is decidedly different. There are no high mountains here and very little snow, but 300 days of annual sunshine with a wonderfully mild climate. The Neusiedler See is every sun worshipper's idea of heaven. Europe’s westernmost steppe lake and the largest lake in Austria, it stretches over 320km², yet is no more than 1.8m deep. The shallow water warms up very quickly in the summer making the lake popular with families. The Neusiedler See is also famous within the windsurfing community for its reliable winds.

For wine lovers, the Burgenland is a hidden gem. While Austria’s wine experience begins in Vienna, it certainly doesn’t end there. To lovers of dessert wine, the lakeside vineyards are nirvana. This shallow steppe lake moderates the otherwise extreme climate, and creates the magical, misty conditions necessary for noble red. Sweet wine has been the traditional calling card for many Burgenland vintners. Burgenland’s next generation of wine makers now offers intense, spicy reds made from grape varietals unique to Austria. If sweet wine isn’t your bag, uncork a bottle of Blaufränkisch next to a plate of barbecued meat. The next thing you know, you’ll dial up your favorite rib joint and beg them to stock some of your beloved Blau-Frank.

  • Esterhazy Palace Eisenstadt

    Esterhazy Palace Eisenstadt

    Esterhazy / Roland Wimmer
    Schloss Esterhazy
  • Lake Neusiedl

    Lake Neusiedl

    Austrian National Tourist Office / Andreas Hofer
  • Blaudruckerei Koó

    Blaudruckerei Koó

    Joseph Koó
  • Wine in Burgenland

    Wine in Burgenland

    Austrian National Tourist Office / Georg Popp
  • Forchtenstein Castle

    Forchtenstein Castle

    Austrian National Tourist Office / Markowitsch
  • Golf


    Austrian National Tourist Office / Leo Himsl
  • Blick auf den Sonnenuntergang von der See-Sauna

    Blick auf den Sonnenuntergang von der See-Sauna

    St. Martins Therme & Lodge / Peter Rigaud